Tao, a luminaire lighting, was made under the guidance of creative engine behind Ilanel's design studio - ILAN EL. 

Tao represents the dichotomy between negative and positive aspects of life. As a lamp, it serves to demonstrate and the encompass the juxtaposition between elements of light and darkness, reflective in the inspirations drawn from the concepts of Yin and Yang. 


Symbolic in both ancient and modern Chinese language and culture, Yin and Yang is used to describe the connection, or relationship, between the opposing forces of the world – representing the “right” and “proper” way of life, as well as the coexistence of good and evil within ourselves. Whilst there exists an antagonistic nature between Yin and Yang forces, they describe a shared, interdependent, interconnected and complementary connection with one another.


The lamp features a hand bent arc made from sand blasted acrylic tubing with fitted aluminium channels to produce individually interlocked light fittings. By housing warm white LED strips, it projects light on two opposing sides that enable Tao to create an elegant, yet minimalistic lighting experience that can be used as a floor, table, or ceiling light.

Black: $668

White: Sold

Showroom: KFive + Kinnarps, 275 Smith St, Fitzroy

Dates: 1 Nov - 3 Nov


Aluminium, Acrylic, LED

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